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This page is great for reviewing your selection of natural dog grooming products and organic dog treats.

Our natural, organic dog products can be selected from any of the four webpage categories. These categories are, Natural Dog Grooming Products, Organic Dog Treats, Subscriptions and Value Packs. The selected products will then be displayed on this “Cart” page.

The quantities of the selected products, can easily be edited by clicking the – or + keys. Each of the selected products can also be totally removed from your cart. Simply click the circled “X” to the left of the product photo to remove.

If a recap on the benefits of a particular, natural dog product, is required, simply click on that product. It’s individual product page will then open.

This Cart page shows the general shipping details, and valid Coupon codes can also be entered on this page.

Once your review is completed, it is quite easy to continue shopping, or to proceed to checkout. Choosing “Buy with G Pay” as your preferred payment method bypasses the “Checkout” page.

Selecting “PROCEED TO CHECKOUT”, offers more payment options. Credit Card (Stripe), PayPal and Bank Transfer, are all available on the Checkout page.