It all just made perfect sense. Living just one block back from a beautiful dog friendly beach. My dog sitting service, Home Away from Home came into being because of my love for dogs. My home and the dog friendly beach allowed for much freedom and fun for all the doggies that stayed at Home Away From Home. Because, after all, it was all about love for dogs.

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Home Away From Home made doggie owners feel confident and relaxed with their choice for a pet sitter. And to also know that their beloved dog, which as we know, is a big part of a family, had peace of mind. Of course, they knew their doggies. And they saw how quickly their doggies became comfortable with their Home away from Home.

And, for us, it was heart-warming to know that the doggies that stayed with us over the years, were not being exposed to the downside of packed dog kennels. Because, with us, they got the opportunity to stay in a happy place with freedom to move. So knowing that, it made it all the more worthwhile to to offer a safe, loving and nurturing sanctuary. And so, Benny and I became one of the pioneers of dog sitting services in Byron Bay.

And before too long, and because of my love of dogs, I became known as the “Dog Whisperer” about the Byron Shire. So, to add more bliss for my doggie stayers, I took the next obvious step. So, BBDT was born. And it all started in that beach house kitchen. So, I began by offering healthy, yummy organic dog treats to my doggie stayers. And that then led to making and using natural dog grooming products  as well. And that proved to be a great combination. Tasty treats and a good pampering! All in a loving and caring environment. BBDT products have been so well received and appreciated all over the Australian doggie community. Looking back today, it’s a true blessing to know that.

Our focus remains on quality, natural, organic dog products.

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Benny and I had the ultimate bond. We were known as the Benny and Jenny duo, and were inseparable, joy filled as one.

I found Benny in a dog pound in the year 2000. It was meant to be.

Being a part of Benny’s transition from an unsure pound dog with no territory, to a proud, strong, confident, happy dog was the most beautiful transition to experience and to be part of. And a beautiful experience it was.

He was my guiding angel, hero, confidant and best friend.

In honour of my Benny Zulu, the true founder of Byron Bay Doggie Treats – 7/7/2000 – 30/09/2017,  My Teacher / My Inspiration.

Holding my promise, in ensuring that only the best will do for our beloved doggies! Always! With Love Jenny xoxo”.