For Sensitive Skin

Organic Flea and Insect Protection.

This 100% Australian product Soothes / Freshens –
Leaving your pet feeling totally pampered!

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  • Finally a product that is completely safe even if ingested.
  • Contains absolutely no pesticides or poisons.
  • Protects your doggie gently and completely with full spectrum effective all natural ingredients
  • Has a fresh clean scent so can even be used as a room refresher/spray onto your own bed including
  • Your beloved doggie’s bed, leaving no trace of any staining
  • Lemon Myrtle, Neem oil, Lavender are just a few of the ingredients used in this wonderful natural
    product, keeping those nasty fleas/mites/mosquitos/ringworm and ticks at bay!
  • Moisturising and healing properties
  • Anti Inflammatory / Anti Fungal / Anti Viral and Calmative properties that assist in the Healing and Prevention of Bacteria / Fungus and Skin Disorders
  • An All In One Fantastic Product
  • Flea the Scene will take the sting out of summer.
  • Flea the Scene is not intended to replace Frontline or Advantix but is an excellent complement to over the Counter flea and tick products.
  • Totally Toxin Free (no binding agents) that is why we recommend to shake this product before use.


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