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Hello. Welcome to our “About” page.

On this page we have endeavoured to provide a brief insight on our love for dogs. From the pioneering of a dog sitting service in Byron Bay, through to the creation of Byron Bay Doggie Treats.

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It all started when I had to make a short trip away from the Byron Shire. It was unfortunate that my Benny Boy could not join me at the time, which was very rare. I then set out to find a pet sitter but found it more of a challenge than what I anticipated. 

At the time, I was living one block back from our local dog friendly beach in Suffolk Park, Byron Bay. Suddenly it all came to me, like a silent messenger – Ping! Why not start a reliable dog sitting business! Loving dog owners were looking for a safe, nurturing environment. A tree filled haven where their dogs could chill whilst their parents enjoyed a relaxing getaway. It all made perfect sense! My home fitted all the necessary criteria for doggies to experience their own fun getaway. Not too long after, I had my fridge magnets printed, “Home Away From Home” For Doggies.

Confident and relaxed

Home Away From Home allowed doggie owners to feel confident and relaxed with their choice as a pet sitter. It was so rewarding, texting pics of their dogs having fun on the beach or chilling on the deck. Pawrents loved the pics as it created instant relief. They loved seeing that their dog was happy and in a responsible environment. We have all been there as doggie owners, stressing, not knowing. This is why I cherished being able to offer peace of mind for loving dog owners as I too would of felt the same way.

It was heart-warming to know that the doggies that stayed with us over the years, were not being exposed to the downside of packed dog kennels. They could finally enjoy a happy, go lucky, peaceful sanctuary.  And so my little business grew, through good old fashioned word of mouth. We were one of the first pioneers to offer a dog sitting service in Byron Bay. To have been known in the Byron Shire as the “Dog Whisperer” was the best compliment ever!

I can tell ya though, I had all walks of doggies stay lolz. From pure Dingo to African Basenji to almost every known breed of dog known to mankind lolz. And to add to bliss, the variety of personalities was a story to behold. Unique to say the least!


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Beach house kitchen

As time passed, being at home looking after the pack, I took the next obvious step. I started making homemade natural organic dog treats, and so Byron Bay Doggie Treats was born. Looking back now with such fond memories, to think that it all started in that happy go lucky, doggie stay, ‘Beach house kitchen’. The dogs were scoring by the day, trialling and testing my yummy organic doggie treats.

Being at the beach with the pack meant a good hosing down after their beach play.  This then led me onto my next exciting venture. I decided there and then that it was time to develop my own organic dog grooming product range. Easier said than done. It took months of trialling and testing for the perfect recipe, using luscious essential oil combinations, but it paid off. To this day our grooming salon outlets order from us on a regular basis. What more could a doggie want; tasty, organic treats and a good pampering for pure doggie happiness and health. BBDT products have been so well received and appreciated over all these years and shared within the Australian doggie community. Looking back, i hold a smile in my heart, knowing how natural progression happens in life, when our passion runs deep.

In Memory of my Benny Zulu ~

Benny and I had the ultimate bond. We were known as the Benny and Jenny duo, and were inseparable, joy filled as one. I found Benny in a dog pound in the year 2000. It was meant to be.

Being a part of Benny’s transition from an unsure pound dog with no territory, to a proud, strong, confident, happy dog was the most heartfelt, beautiful experience to of witnessed. The trust ran deep and our connection was unique.

He was my guiding angel, hero, confidant and best friend.

In honour of my Benny Zulu, the true founder of Byron Bay Doggie Treats – 7/7/2000 – 30/09/2017,  My Teacher / My Inspiration. Not a day goes by where I do not think of you my ‘pure hearted’ wolfie.

Holding my promise, in ensuring that only the best will do for our beloved doggies! Always! With Love Jenny xoxo”.