Healthy Food 

Our wholesome tasty dog treats are produced using a bespoke crafting process that retains the full nutritional value of our organic raw ingredients.


Healthy doggies

We source high quality organic ingredients for our dog treats and grooming products from a curated selection of Australian boutique businesses.


Healthy Planet

Our ethos is to give our furry best friends the best we can for them to thrive and to live a happier and healthier life. Spoil your dog naturally.



Doggie Favourites. Woof! Woof!

Our natural dog treats are made from 100% Australian, high-quality, organic, single ingredients. Rich in protein, vitamins and minerals. Our dog grooming products are exquisite formulations crafted with a delicate mix of natural ingredients and essential oils. No nasty additives, harmful fillers or synthetic chemicals in any of our fabulous products!
Select your doggies’ own special favourite from our yummy, high-quality beef, kangaroo and lamb treat range. Also find items from our natural pet grooming selection, like the unique 2 in 1 dog shampoo & conditioner, and the heavenly scented, dry bath, odour neutraliser & insect repellent.
    Our natural organic pet products are crafted with the unconditional love we have for our faithful furry best friends, and a bespoke, homemade approach to ensure that our products are safe and beneficial for your dog’s health and wellbeing.

Our Top Selling Products

Pure joy in knowing we are helping to keep our doggie community happy and healthy.

About Us

More than a decade ago, Jeannette and her beloved Siberian Husky/German Shepard cross, Benny Boy, became one of the first pioneers in the Byron Bay Shire, to offer a warm and caring boutique pet sitting service named “Home Away From Home” to loving doggie owners.


What’s everyone barking about?

Read reviews from our happy customers about our natural organic pet products.

Please feel free to send us your comments if you recently ordered from our variety of natural dog treats or grooming products.

Jo-Anne Lehmann and doggie Eddie the Moodle

“Byron Bay doggie treats are the best! My fussy little moodle was a challenge to treat train, he would get sick of them really easily. He can sniff these handmade morsels a mile away (the Kangaroo Jerky is an all time favourite!!!!). We absolutely love these products. Jeannette knows about dogs and has a passion for natural organic based nutrition. I highly recommend Byron Bay Doggie Treats to any dog owner.”

Linda H and doggie Joey

“Joey loved your treats, after we discovered them supplied to us at Beach Suites Byron Bay. This will be our second value pack from you. You are only the 2nd small batch Australian business I have found making authentic quality natural dog treats for special fur babies. Very grateful that you chose to retail your great treats.”

Janine Smith and her Schnauzers

“I have known Jeanette for at least seven years now and in that time have watched her as she has grown her business from dog minding to creating beautiful organic products like her doggie treats, which our dogs just love. They get so excited when I open the bag!!!  Her all in one Lemon Myrtle shampoo and conditioner is an extraordinary product which smells divine and truly makes the dogs so soft and smelling great…….”

Niribi Cooper and her doggie Mrs

“I own a beautiful Staffy Cross dog named Mrs that I bought from the pound. No sooner did I bring her home and after many expensive trips to the vet Mrs was diagnosed with Crohn’s disease. Due to this disease Mrs diet is limited. When it came to treats I was hard pressed to find anything that didn’t make her sick. I truly recommend Byron Bay Doggie Treats to anyone as my Mrs loves and enjoys them on a regular basis and is never sick. Finally good clean quality products that work.”

Dr Matt Allworth BSc (Vet) Hons, BVSc Hons

“Many of my patients enjoy the reward and health benefits of Byron Bay Doggie Treats. They are made from 100% pure, nutritious whole meat or liver, are organic, have no residues, no junk, and are never declined. Jennette’s own dog, Benny, is 14 years, still going strong, and living testament to their value.”

100% Pets

“Byron Bay Doggie Treats are a real hit with our four legged customers. They come in lots of different varieties are organic and natural so maintain all the necessary nutrition. They are therefore a really excellent tasty treat and your dogs will love them. Bring your Poochie down to 100% Pets in Byron Bay for a taste!”


Joy Miller and her miniature Schnauzer

“My Miniature Schnauzer absolutely loves Jeannette’s doggie treats. As soon as the packet comes out of the cupboard he starts sitting and trying to behave as he knows he is going to be rewarded. Added to this I think Jeannette loves our little furry friends and she is always trying to develop something they will enjoy, be that another special treat, a shampoo to leave their coat shining or a special overnight stay.”